where to start with forex

From where to start

Forex is the international marketplace where the currencies of different countries are bought and sold in a virtual market.  Investing in this market can be very convenient , but does come with risks in order to obtain profits.  We provide all the details of forex trading for new investors.

Learn the basics and start to trade currencies.

What you need:

  • Capital to invest
  • A stable internet connection on your PC, smartphone or tablet
  • A Forex account with a trusted broker

You can invest as much or as little as you feel comfortable with, the amount you invest will determine your quantity of trades.

If your goal is to live solely on the income you generate from being a day trader then probably $100 is not a practical investment amount. It is recommended to start small in order to familiarize yourself with the market and platform, but for possible future earnings it is advised to invest more.

Your first important decision is to choose a reliable forex broker that is worthy of your investment. Brokers differ in sizes, platforms, spreads, and trabale instruments, find one that best suits your trading needs.

Once you decide on a broker, request personal training and all available educatonal tools that will assist you in becoming familiar with the industry.

Start to trade only when you feel confident and ready


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