live only from online trading

Is It Possible to Live by Trading Only?

Most people often think that professional traders work for investment banks and have advanced degrees. The reality is…anyone can trade and earn a decent living. Advances in technology and increasing volumes on the exchanges have created a number of opportunities for the average person. In many cases no personal capital is required, and in other cases a small amount of capital is required to get you started, in order to commit yourself to the broker. With markets so interlinked, it’s always open trading time somewhere on the globe, and many of those markets can be accessed with relative ease. This means that even people who have full-time jobs or children at home can trade – it is just a matter of finding the right market and the right opportunity.

The currency market is the ideal first step for a new trader. You can open an account for as little as $100 and use leverage to make a considerable investment. This market is opened 24 hours a day during the week, making this the ideal alternative for those who cannot trade during regular market hours.


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